How to clean your hats

How To Clean Your Hats

Whether your tastes lean toward street-chic knit caps,  vacation-ready sunhats, casual baseball caps, or anything in between, all hats have something in common:Wear them often enough,and they’ll get dirty quickly. Not only do those beloved accessories absorb sweat,oil,  and hairproducts, but they also pick up plenty  of  dirt and grime from the outside world.  To help keep your favorite hats looking like new, read on to learn how to wash every type of hat in just a  few simple steps.

Straw Hats

Cleaning a straw hat can be a bit tricky, specifically because water can damage straw if used in excess. However, a very small amount of water won’t damage the material of the hat.Lightly dampen a clean, colorless microfiber cloth, and then gently sweep it over the surface of the hat. If the sun hat has detailing (like a ribbon or beading), remove these elements before cleaning the hat  (if possible) and hand wash them separately.Scuff marks on straw are best removed by gentle buffing with an artist gum eraser.  For oil-based and water-based stains, your best bet is a specialty straw hat cleaner.


Other Hats with Different Materials

Felt Fedoras --- you will need a hat brush. Without wetting the hat, use gentle circular motions to brush it, removing any dirt or debris from the surface.

Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Linen Fabrics --- hand wash is usually more suggested than machine wash.

Woolen Fabric --- dry cleaning is your best bet.