Brand history

Is there any accessory could make you be really special & glorious in the crowd?

Hats! I do believe that hat is always the Top1 fashion accessory.

One day in the trip, my old friend saw a lady of great elegance, accurately it was an elegant leather navy hat on the lady that made her looks so special and of great taste on fashion. My friend firmly believe that navy hat would be a brilliant gift for his wife's upcoming birthday. So he looked every hat shop in his city for that hat, but failed to find even a similar one, he then tried to search on Amazon & eBay, but most styles are either homogeneous or just too basic (lack of personality). So he tried to ask me, an old friend focusing to be a fashion designer since 1996, for help. After few days I drafted the design and customized the hat, needless to say, his wife loves this special and tasteful gift!

Then I was inspired that hats should be the most essential fashion accessories, should beyond just being functional items to shade sun or keep warm. With my passion and talent in designing, I hope to establish an online (.com) hats brand, striving to provide for worldwide hatters with hats of great fashion and quality, the most important thing is that we will create tremendous new styles in each seasonal to meet hatters' various requirement on styles.

That's why Comhats exists.

Comhats - Loved for style, designed for fit .