Hat wearing tips

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Hat

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Don't let a packing mishap or wrong move ruin the look of your favorite head wear.
The straw fedoras cloth hat crushed can all return to their original wrinkle-free shape.

Straw Hat

A straw hat contains a stiffening agent that helps it keep its original shape.
Hold your floppy hat, Panama hat, bonnet, fedora or other straw head wear over the steam from a kettle or pot of boiling water to reactivate the stiffening agent, and smooth out wrinkles with your hands while the straw is soft and pliable.
Steam small sections at a time, because straw stiffens quickly.
You can also iron out stubborn wrinkles on a low steam setting. Place a cotton cloth between the hat and the iron to prevent scorching.


Turn on your tea kettle and create some steam. Don't soak the brim with this steam,
but rather carefully expose the turned up brim to the steam. It should soften somewhat.
Then train your brim to the result that you are looking for. Go back and forth between steaming and training. The hat should eventually "remember" the way it was originally blocked.

Other Material Hats

Wool --- it responds beautifully to steaming over a kettle or pot of boiling water.
Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Linen Fabrics --- run warm water inside the brim and dampen the outside of the crown. Then smooth out the wrinkles by hand, and let the hat air dry on a flat surface.
Leather --- stuff the crown with a towel and lay a clean cotton cloth over the wrinkle.
Then steam iron it on a medium setting.